Acoustics workshop

Acoustic workshops related to Music production will be scheduled in October.

The motto of these work and training sessions will be inspired by the program created from the book “Demystifying Acoustics” by João Vieira, a book to be published this year.

These WORKSHOPs are intended for those who are attracted to acoustics and who still do not have the necessary knowledge to understand some of their phenomena as well as how to manipulate or interact with them.

These are the understandings of those who, from a very young age, were also passionately attracted, always looking for the knowledge and explanations that today are shared in this way.

Acoustics for me is a passion that makes me feel fulfilled every day, from the moment I decided to face the challenge of wanting to understand it, learn and make this science my profession.

The sound, something that is not seen, therefore very fascinating, can be manipulated in an authentic way, in a natural way through the purely Physical component.

The music, the vibrant and chilling contagion that the instruments transmit to us when the conditions of intelligibility are ideal.

For all the sensations and experiences over the past 30 years and for the happiness I feel in making my life the mark of my life, JOCAVI.

The daily routine reveals more and more appetite and awareness for the acoustic solutions available in the market, however it owes much to the ancestors who explored the more septic mentalities reporting them to the reality that the acoustics is really fundamental to our well being.

Acoustics is the branch of physics that studies sound. Sound is a wave phenomenon caused by the most diverse objects, a sound source, which propagates through the different physical states of matter.

In acoustics we can generally divide between sectors: sound generators, means of transmission, propagation and receivers…

Acoustics analyzes these means, creates instruments and tools, quantitative tables, etc., in order to provide the necessary data or solutions to the most diverse branches of intervention so that the means of propagation and sound defects are foreseen and contemplated through solutions or packaging properly studied.

The chain of acoustic emission and reception of sound (noise) includes the individual who receives the sound effect and the event that gives rise to the phenomenon. Acoustics is considered a science that covers several disciplines and that is also covered by them.