MusicExperts was created to bring together artists and technicians with a common taste for music. Behind every teacher/mentor connected to our project is a career, experience, virtuosity and a lot of dedication to music.

We are all connected to the most valuable and famous Portuguese and international musical projects of the past and today, we promote teaching through the knowledge and musical path of each of the teachers. This is the most valuable attribute and testimony that deserves to be transmitted to each of the students in a practical and direct way as we idealized in ME.

The importance we give to live music, makes us create all the technical and acoustic conditions for everything to happen in the best conditions. Small concerts, live recordings, general band rehearsals, concerts with transmission using Live Streaming, everything can be ensured by the conditions of our rooms and the Sound, Video and Lighting equipment we have at our disposal. Contact us for more information.


The objective of the training blocks is to provide a musician or a knowledge technician who is useful to them in practice, creating in students a taste for music, what it represents and transmits and especially the pleasure of playing and doing projects together. Discipline, study and application, privileging group relationships and interactions, constantly forming interesting and attractive work materials and dynamics for students.

Set goals, direct to take advantage of the best of each one, providing tools for the future to create their own bands, compose their music, make their own recordings and productions, have versatility to be able to chart their own path in the world of music .


This project has its own facilities built and sponsored entirely by JOCAVI Acoustic Panels Lda.

Several acoustically treated rooms were created, providing the best conditions to develop all areas that are part of the music industry and stages; Classes, workshops, concerts, audio and video recordings, painting, dance, graphic arts and content creation. Everything that is part of the world of the music industry.


All students of any age with a taste for music can easily identify with the profile and program of each teacher and the learning methods in the areas of musical instruments; audio recording and live sound; audio editing and post-production; structural acoustics, etc. See the profile of our teachers/mentors here.

In any of these teaching areas you will find in our project reference teachers from the Portuguese music scene, ready to share their own techniques in a practical and innovative method with visible and audible results in a short time.

The group / band classes are the culmination of the lessons learned individually, and group interaction is one of the interesting added value of our group / project.


The Auditorium Space acoustically treated by JOCAVI allows concerts and corporate events to be held up to a capacity of 150 people with their respective support areas, bar and large common spaces. This room is permanently equipped with a room sound system and stage monitors and all the microphones of very good quality. Request the equipment listing here.

MusicExperts Régie Audio, is placed in front of the Auditorium stage, allowing you to make live recordings with greater proximity in the Pro Tools system. It has reference speakers from the music industry, branded AUGSPURGER, developed by Dave Malekpour, and a JBL Surround System. Request the equipment listing here.

The large room is prepared for combo classes and live band rehearsals and sets with section recordings, short recitals, etc.

The remaining medium rooms are for classes in individual or group musical instruments.

The support and leisure areas are spacious, providing spaces for socializing and relaxing and a support bar.