Ricardo Pego (Dikk) was born on April 19, 1976 in Lisbon. From an early age he revealed his skills and at a very young age he began to line up in musical projects in the more “underground” medium, playing with several bands from the emerging Portuguese “Metal” scene.

In 1991, in search of better training, he joined the Hot Club Portugal, where he took classes with some of the most respected teachers at the time. At that time, he started his professional activity with “Covers” bands and performed regularly in the many bars that started to appear. At the same time, studio work began, which also led him to become interested in aspects of sound production and engineering. From 1998, he works with guitarist and producer Gonçalo Pereira in several productions as bassist and sound engineer, highlighting the albums “Tricot no País da Maravilhas” and “Upgrade”, by Gonçalo Pereira, among other commercial works.

It was the beginning of a cycle that led him to work in the following years with several renowned artists and musicians, among which stand out Nuno Guerreiro, Rui Veloso, Adelaide Ferreira, Ménito Ramos, Rita Guerra and Beto, in live concerts as well as in the studio. He was also involved in the two albums of the original band “Blister”, which he shared with Gonçalo Pereira, Mauro Ramos and Hugo Piló. Also active in production, he worked with several bands in the area of “Metal” and Rock, where Deepskin, Tara Perdida and Civic stand out, among other projects in which he participated as a producer. He was also a teacher at the “MusicLand” school for 3 years, in addition to teaching private lessons.

More recently, he founded in 2005 together with Ares, original member of Moonspell, the project “Witchbreed”, a band of originals, where he held the roles of guitarist and producer, and where he had the opportunity to work in a more international environment with some musicians from renowned producer, Waldemar Sorytcha.

Currently, we can see him playing all over the country with various projects, including the Trio Manaia, Rocking Horse, Klepht, Tribu, Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Rui Drumond, 69 Degrees, among others. He recently founded the rock band The Bateleurs.

With more than 500 studio sessions as a session musician and hundreds more as a producer and sound engineer, Ricardo has also been a private bass guitar teacher for over 20 years.




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