Sérgio Rodrigues was born in Luxembourg and took his first steps in music at the age of 9 at the Conservatory of Esch sur Alzette, with piano teacher Daniel Feis. At the age of 18, he finished his classical training. He continues his piano studies in Jazz with Georges Letellier, obtaining the diploma of 1er Prix. In 2008, he moved to Lisbon and was admitted to the Lisbon Superior School of Music (ESML), where he studied piano with João Paulo Esteves da Silva.

Pianist, organist, composer and arranger, Sérgio Rodrigues integrates groups of varied musical styles, having already been present at national and international festivals and stages alongside names like Joe Fonda (USA), Mat Maneri (USA), Herb Geller (USA) , Bruno Pernadas, Edgar Caramelo, Tomás Pimentel, Luciano Pagliarini (IT), Remo Cavallini (LU) Jerôme Bourdellon (FR), among others.

Given his interest in projects that involve the fusion of music with other arts, he regularly composes and interprets for theater, cinema, dance, audiovisual and poetry shows. In this context, he collaborated, inter alia, with the French director Gérard Gélas, the Austrian director Peter Payer, the Finnish choreographer Anu Sistonen, the choreographer Rui Horta, the photographer Paulo Lobo and the journalist / author Nicolau Santos.

Sérgio works regularly as a music director, arranger and artistic producer. He participated, as such, in the albums of Cláudia Franco, Duarte Coxo, Selma Hadrovic Schauls or Vecchi e Brutti.