Alexandre Alves started taking classes in 1993 with Manuel Barreto. Currently in Lisbon, he learned drums at JB jazz with Carlos Miguel and Bruno Pedroso. In 2011 he graduated in jazz drums at the Music University in Lisbon, where he also took classes with André Sousa Machado. In recent years he has attended Michael Lauren‘s open classes, among other specific classes with Miguel Casais, André Silva, Henry Sousa, Paulo Bandeira, João Lencastre, etc.

He taught at the Alcobaça Music Academy in the professional jazz course between September 2012 and July 2015, at the Improviso music school from September 2015 to July 2019 and at the Musicentro at the Salesians School in Estoril from September 2015 to December 2018 , currently dedicating himself to private lessons.

He has played in countless stylistic contexts such as Jazz or Pop, among them names such as Reunion Big Band, Yuri Daniel, José Menezes, Paulo Brissos, António Palma, Nanã Sousa Dias, Isabel Rato, Salvador Sobral, Rogério Charraz, Carlos Garcia, Victor Zamora, Daniel Neto, Samuel Lercher, Alexandre Manaia, Teresa Macedo, Wanda Stwart, Luis Barrigas, André Sardet, O Martim, Golden Gypsies, Mafalda Veiga, Rita Dias, Susana Félix, João Gil, Carminho, Rita Guerra , Paulo de Carvalho, Lamy, Luís Represas, Elisa Rodrigues, Marta Pereira da Costa, Frederico BC, Anabela, Rita Dias, Miguel Gizzas, Luis Represas, Berg or Nicole Eitner).
Within Music he also participated in musical theater plays such as “O Quadro”, “Nham Nham”, “Josefina” “Calcutá”, “Partimos, vamos, somos”, “A Caminho” and “Avenida Q”; and some television recordings such as “Um mundo catita”, “Last train to Lisbon”, a soap opera “Corações de ouro”.